Busking is not just about street performers anymore.
Now it's an open exchange between the creative community, business sectors, and the general public.

Busking was common in ancient times.
Today it's a practical alternative to offset the shortcommings of modern commerce.
Most entertainers and artists busk because they are ostracized from the conventional job market.
Many others busk just because they love sharing, or showing off, their talent.

Buskers are essentially freelance entreprenuers.
They love what they do so much that they're willing to market themselves directly to the public.
Busking activities take place indoor and outdoor

Millions of people would love to fulfill their true calling because self-actualization is a natural human need.
So many wasted lives languishing in jobs they hate is a trajedy of epic proportions.
Buskdriver facilitates human resources with appropriate vocational opportunities.
We are championing several initiatives to address the larger economic issue.

The covid19 pandemic made one thing clear:
The prevailing socioeconomic establishment is a house of cards.
All the industries and institutions were woefully ill-prepared for the crash.
If such a relatively minor catastrophy can cause a systemic collapse of the whole world order,
what will happen when, not if, the next disaster is an order of magnitude greater?

In Busk We Trust
We have a ready-made contingency plan.
Our business model is a template that can be applied to such a scenario.
Without jobs people will have to busk to survive.

Buskdriver is at the vanguard of a cultural renaissance.
After decades of socioeconomic disruption and artistic inertia the local music market collapsed.
Live music venues closed, the cost of living skyrocketed, and a mass exodus of musicians followed.
The legendary San Francisco music scene died — then came the pandemic.

The art of music is uniquely qualified to inspire

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