The Bay Area has the talent and technology to lead the way into a flourishing future for the entire world, and Buskdriver is committed to the cause. The mandate of our mission is to mobilize a new music movement that will breathe new life into the creative culture, which will impact all sectors of society with innovative ideas and inventions.

      The City was once a big bastion of bands, now it's a no-bands land. The local live music market has collapsed and the art of music in general is in serious decline. Venues are closed and musicians have no place else to practice or perform. Despite this "creative destruction" of the music scene, it's now poised for revival. The conditions are right and the time has come to take it to the streets. It's a brave new world and the world is our stage.

      Buskdriver promotes the emergence of a cultural renaissance by providing support services for buskers and conducting community outreach efforts to educate the public about the creative crisis. Our mobile media unit directs the production of Blockbusker, a reality TV series and documentary film that chronicles the historic record of the movement.